High Maintenance Female

[ hahy-meyn-tuh-nuhns-fee-meyl ] : NOUN

A female who combines the love of makeup, cannabis and personal growth into one elevated lifestyle


Kristen B. 

Becky is AWESOME!!! She always has awesome suggestions and leads you in the right direction for fabulous beauty!!! I was interested in trying but was nervous and Becky squashed that and showed me exactly what to do. Contour?!? ME?! NO way! Becky made it happen! Thanks Becky Becks you are amazing with Seint and an inspiring boss lady!

Maika B. 

As I head more towards 60 yo I was wondering if there would ever be a kind of make up that would look good, be easy to use and apply, and would transition into these “older“ years.After some wonderful guidance from Becky and her incredible video tutorials, I am pleased to say that I have finally made peace with truly how simple this line is to apply! Great price too. Becky is attentive and caring and just love her to pieces! Go ahead - you won’t be sorry!

Crystal O.

I cannot tell you how much I love this makeup. After years of products this sits so naturally on your face. From a Sephora junkie this has everything you need. Thanks Becky!


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